About Us

Folkart Kézművesház has been selling traditional Hungarian handicrafts since 1962. When we started our business in 1974, there were more than 80 shops offering a wide range of Hungarian craft products all over Hungary. Today, our shop, on the corner of Váci utca and Régiposta utca in the centre of Budapest, is the only remaining one which has certified authentic Hungarian handicrafts for sale.

Folkart Kézművesház offers a wide variety of handicraft products including glazed and unglazed black pottery, wood and bone carvings, finely detailed needlework, traditional embrodery, lace from Halas, woven tablecloths and cushion covers as well as Easter eggs, dolls and clothes.

We cater for corporate clients, such as travel companies, conference and events organisers, hotels and various other organisations. We can also provide custom-made wedding favours and presents.

Our business strategy consists of three main targets. First of all, by offering a wide variety of original Hungarian handicraft products for sale, we aim to keep the traditional Hungarian folk arts alive for future generations. Secondly, we wish to show and sell the traditional craft of all the regions in Hungary rather than limiting our range to a few well-known places in the country. Last but not least, we are convinced that the folk art is a living, changing form of art not only with museum collection pieces but products which can fulfil practical functions that bring colour and light into our daily life.